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In the travel and hospitality industry, shoppers constantly compare rates to find the best deal. And that means more opportunities for you. But when you’re managing hundreds of offers at once, it’s difficult to deliver consistent brand experiences across channels. That’s why you need a way to automate delivery in real time.

Time Warner gets over 17 million monthly visits to each of their websites. And by transforming customer data into personalized digital experiences, they improved new customer conversions by 49 percent.

Deliver personal email offers automatically.


To streamline your data and connect email with your cross-channel strategy, you need a robust solution that lets you create dynamic profiles based on customer experience. So you can deliver automated email campaigns triggered by an action — like abandoning an offer for a free room upgrade.


Adobe Campaign

Adobe can help. With Adobe Campaign, you can personalize and deliver campaigns across all your channels, allowing you to segment and target your customers with precision. And you can build rich customer profiles in real time. So you can deliver more relevant offers and deliver automated email campaigns across channels.



Know if your marketing is working.


The only way to know how your marketing can be improved is to get a clear idea of how it’s performing. But if all your data is in separate systems, it’s difficult to know which offers lead to more bookings.



Adobe can help. With Adobe Target, you can perform A/B testing to find out which offers lead to conversion. And it easily integrates with our other solutions to give you a clear and comprehensive idea of how those tests perform. With real-time insights from Adobe Analytics, you can deliver personalized content for every step of the customer journey.



Drive conversions with dynamic ad delivery.


To attract and retain customers, you need a solution that lets you deliver personalized ads across search, display, and social. And you need the ability to automatically deliver these to specific customers as they wait out their layover or search for an available room.


Advertising Cloud and Audience Manager


Adobe can help. Adobe Advertising Cloud creates personal, relevant ads using audience profiles created by Adobe Audience Manager. Using these solutions together, you can automatically send dynamic ads to customer segments across paid search, programmatic buys, and social platforms. 



Deliver all your personal offers. With one integrated solution.


Your customers are always looking for the best travel experience. That’s why it’s important to deliver offers based on their interests — even as those interests change. Adobe Experience Cloud gives you all the tools to provide personal experiences. So you can deliver automated offers, test your content, and get deep insights into your customers. With Experience Cloud, you can deliver the right experience to every customer, every time.


Why Adobe.
In the past, to create such a unified digital marketing plan, you would need to cobble together a series of point solutions. Today, Adobe Experience Cloud unifies all these marketing tools into one integrated solution. No one else offers such deep integration with analytics, data management, optimization, and personalization.

Deliver every experience at the right time. With the right technology.

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