At Qantas, Authentic Customer Experiences Take Flight On The Front Line.

For generations of Australian travellers, Qantas’ iconic red tail has been a symbol of adventure and home alike.

Today, as its frequent flyer loyalty program turns 30, Qantas faces an interesting challenge: how to maintain that strong, emotional connection whilst bringing the brand into the digital age. For Stephanie Tully, Qantas’ executive manager of group brand and CMO, it’s all about empowering the company’s thousands of front-line staff to deliver authentic, personal experiences. (Tully spoke at Adobe Symposium 2017, in Sydney on 23 to 24 May.)

“It’s important that our staff who spend the most time with our customers are equipped to have those really authentic interactions,” said Tully, who started her career with the airline as a cabin crew manager more than a decade ago.

Those authentic interactions and conversations can come from a variety of digital channels, she added, as long as an organisation fundamentally embraces cross-channel integration.

“I think lots of businesses, including us, are on the journey of stitching together all of their channels so that they can talk to customers across channels in a seamless way,” Tully said. “I think more and more, you know, there’s a future coming where there aren’t many channels that are left that are not being used in a one-to-one way. Even television and radio will end up being personalised.”

Tune in as Tully joins CMO Show host Mark Jones to discuss the future of customer experience, the value of data-driven personalisation, and the complexity of building different emotional connections with customers all over the world.