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Adobe Extension Builder 2.1

What is Adobe Extension Builder?

Adobe® Extension Builder 2.1 is a powerful Eclipse™ based development tool that provides a simple way to develop, debug, and package native and Adobe Flash® technology–based extensions that run inside and integrate with Creative Suite and Creative Cloud applications.
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Versioning Support
Creative Suite and Creative Cloud multiple version support (CS5/5.5/6/CC)
Select the version of Creative Suite/Creative Cloud you want to target and Extension Builder 2.1 works out the compatible features available for that version. Run your existing Flex 3.4 extensions in CS6 or create new Flex 4.5 extensions that leverage newer extensibility technologies.


Adobe Exchange
A new way to sell and distribute with Adobe Exchange
Reach Creative Suite and Adobe Creative Cloud™ users with Adobe Exchange, a new way to promote, distribute, and sell the extensions you create.
Extension debugging
Extension debugging directly in Creative Suite and Creative Cloud applications
Use the Debug As and Attach As features to debug directly in Creative Suite and Creative Cloud applications, preview extensions, set breakpoints, and identify errors.

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