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Does your Experience Strategy include your self-service channels?

Addressing their large, complex, and expanding technical documentation is no small feat, even for enterprises. And a major part of technical documentation involves developing your self-service channels to distribute content for your customers. In this webinar, Hero Digital, Adobe solution partner, will explore how your CMS strategy can support your self-service content channels.

—Tony Rems, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Business Development, Hero Digital

How to make your product documentation Experience-driven

Organizations are facing a growing demand for documentation that caters to hundreds and thousands of product variants and SKUs. Not only is scaling content creation a challenge, providing a consistent experience with the rest of the website content, especially marketing content, is also a concern. In this webinar we will explore how you can scale content creation and deliver a rich, rewarding experience for product documentation across touchpoints.

—Chad Dybdahl, Solutions Consultant at Adobe

Collaboration in the time of COVID: Social distanced review

Many of us are still working remotely, but we still need to work together. While you may use many video conferencing apps, you only need one collaboration platform to power your content: XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager. During this session, learn how you can banish cumbersome manual review processes forever. Bring authors, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders together with Adobe’s collaboration technology.

—Chad Dybdahl, Solutions Consultant at Adobe

Darling, we need to talk! The Future of Content Interaction Experiences is Here.

Just putting your technical documentation on your webpage as a PDF for download is not going to be enough anymore. PDF is a given, a fundamental requirement. But both business and end customers expect more today. They expect to find answers to their questions and solutions for their problems quickly and easily. But how to deliver on this expectation?

—Stefan Gentz, Senior Worldwide TechComm Evangelist at Adobe

Author, Publish, Maintain: Scalable Technical Knowledge using XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager

Manufacturing and technology companies are particularly aware of the constantly evolving information in technical, training, and support documents. Maintaining institutional knowledge, keeping all of these documents current, and distributing to large audiences is a daunting task. When that information is not properly maintained, companies waste time reinventing and ultimately suffer from high head-counts, increased hard costs, and lost revenue.

—Steven Carter, Solutions Architect at Bounteous

Convince Management to Invest in a CCMS (Lessons Learned)

You are keenly aware of the benefits of a Component Content Management System (CCMS). Next steps; develop a business case to present to management. Answering their questions about an important investment decision means prepping for their key questions. This webinar presents you with questions management may ask, information on researching answers, and guidance on how to make your case. Learn through stories of companies and people who have a CCMS. Hear what they did to convince their management teams to make the long term investments that pay dividends for years to come.

—Bernard Aschwanden, Founder of Publishing Smarter

Deliver omnichannel experiences without worrying about content authoring formats

The world revolves around content, and content needs to work regardless of the device, channel, and context. But content is often authored in various formats based on preferences of the various functional stakeholders owning it. Explore why  a standard structured authoring framework can help maximize content reuse and productivity and how a component control management system can help you achieve it.

—Chad Dybdahl, Solutions Consultant at Adobe

Managing technical and support documentation on Adobe Experience Manager

Earlier technical and support documentation was only bundled with the products in printed or digital formats, but now it is listed in the top navigation menu of websites. As users browse from a product’s marketing pages to its documentation pages, they are confronted with a variety of inconsistencies, all leading to a sub-par experience. Explore how organizations can provide consistent experience across marketing & documentation content.

—Ayush Gupta, Product Manager at Adobe

Build flawless workflows for translated XML content

Before digital content, organizations effectively acted as content gatekeepers because distributing content required resources. They would send sales and marketing content to prospects and technical product content to customers. Now, the power relationship has changed. No longer does an organization control access to scarce information. Instead, content consumers hold the power. They choose what content they want to look at. This is the age of accountability. And organizations must respond.

—Caleb Clauset, Vice President Product, Typefi

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For sales queries write to us at techcomm@adobe.com

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Reach us via phone: +1-408-536-1144

(Mon to Fri, 9 AM - 6 PM ET)