Insights work better together. Integrate your analytics.

Drive more accurate campaign predictions and better performance with Adobe Analytics conversion and engagement data.


Improve results with data you already capture.

Adobe is uniquely positioned to bring teams and data out of silos so they can work together. Adobe Advertising Cloud seamlessly works with Adobe Analytics to pull rich analytics data in real time to create digital marketing’s most highly optimized modeling system.

Features of integrated analytics.

Bidirectional data flows

Let ad campaigns inform — and be informed by — other digital marketing efforts. Exchange data with Adobe Analytics in real time.

Accurate predictions

Predictive models informed by engagement and conversion data are more accurate and drive better performance.

Save time and improve reliability

By drawing upon engagement insights, you won’t have to manage or monitor unstable or unreliable feed and merge processes. Seamlessly target and test Analytics audience segments in display.


Integration makes sense for science.

See how Life Technologies Corporation grew online traffic by 25% and e-commerce orders by 6.1% with Adobe Experience Cloud.

Accurate campaign predictions.
Predictably better campaign performance.

Learn how Adobe Advertising Cloud addresses many of the challenges digital advertisers face.


Choose simplicity over complexity.

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Learn how to solve business problems.

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