Real talk with your customers. In real time.

Marketers often have to maintain hundreds of promotional offers. With Adobe Campaign, a centralized recommendation engine automates the process of selecting personalized, relevant offers and delivers them across channels — in real time.

Automate personalization

With an engine that picks the right offer from a central catalog, you can automate personalized offers.

Define business rules

Use business rules to easily define which customers are eligible for offers. Decide the priority of multiple offers using static and calculated weightings.

Integrate customer profiles

Adobe Campaign builds rich customer profiles in real time, allowing you to deliver more relevant and personalized offers as customer activities change.

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Intuitive user interface

Get full visibility of offer availability on each channel and streamlined visualization of business rules and offer catalog with the offer dashboard.

Integrated content design

Design content within Adobe Campaign or external content systems and leverage best practice definitions for each channel.

Offer simulation and analysis

Monitor and measure the impact of every recommendation through dynamic reporting and simulation to provide business visibility.

Validation and publication process

Use role-based processes to design content and then route work for approval before going live for increased accountability, efficiency, and marketing accuracy.

Transactional messaging

Send operational confirmation messages to contacts, which can include embedded upsell and cross-sell offers to optimize effectiveness.

External data sources

Integrate with other external scoring models and algorithms.

Social-local-mobile strategies

Create location-based, real-time recommendations that can work with third-party IP databases to push proactive messages based on geographical information.

Optimized digital experience

Use real-time behavioral data to provide unique digital experiences to anonymous prospects as well as authenticated contacts.

Personalization with horsepower.

PMU, a worldwide leader in horse and sport betting, relies on Adobe Marketing Cloud to create and execute its customer marketing strategies.
“More than 10,0000 recommendations can be proposed per minute on our website to display the best message possible. Adobe Campaign enables our marketing teams to optimize inbound contacts by maintaining consistency with outgoing contacts, significantly increasing the response rates to offers and qualification questions.”
— Cyrille Giraudat, director of marketing, PMU

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