Apply a halftone pattern to your image in seconds. 

Originally used in screen printing, halftone gradients are seamless patterns of dots that make up a cohesive image. Try the photo effect yourself with our free online photo editor.

Convert your photos into halftone dots to achieve a retro look.

How to create a halftone texture in Adobe Photoshop Express.

upload image

1. Upload your JPG or PNG image.  

crop image

2. Adjust the intensity slider on the Halftone or Color Halftone effect to change the size of the dots.

download image

3. Download your halftone image.

Create a pop art effect.

Experiment with the color halftone effect and translate your photos into cyan, magenta, yellow, and black dots. Or go grayscale by applying a black and white halftone filter. It’s easy to get just the graphic design aesthetic you want. 

Retro TV set images with halftone dots

Adjust the look.

Play with the intensity slider and change the dot pattern for a subtle graphic design look or a full comic book effect. Or remove the background of your image and add a new color or halftone pattern background instead.

young girl with 3D glasses images in halftone pattern

Get a little more retro.

Explore other vintage filter effects like Pixelate or Posterize to try a different stylized aesthetic. Then use the Crop, Resize, and Touch Up effects to add the final flourish.

Vinyl record images various photo effects

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