Adobe Captivate

Draft your craft.

With Adobe Captivate Draft convert your ideas into storyboards complete with eLearning elements such as content and question slides, branching logic, and more.

Rapid eLearning authoring

Adobe Captivate Draft
Convert your ideas into storyboards complete with eLearning elements such as content and question slides, branching logic, and more. Create storyboards in minutes using the all-new app*, and share them for real-time, collaborative reviewing on the cloud; reviewers do not need to have either the app or Adobe Captivate. Simply import your storyboards into Adobe Captivate 9, and publish them, to seamlessly generate responsive projects.
Roundtripping with Microsoft PowerPoint 
Import your PowerPoint slides, including PowerPoint 2013, into eLearning projects. Bring in objects, animations, and multimedia, easily update the content, and keep your PowerPoint and Adobe Captivate projects in sync with the dynamically linked import options.
All-new, intuitive user interface
Call on the power-packed functionalities of Adobe Captivate 9 from within a intuitive UI that makes authoring easy and efficient. Enjoy authoring with an interface that is simple enough for subject matter experts and powerful enough for experienced users.
Multistate objects
Power up your eLearning with less elbow grease using object states on steroids. Improve retention by enabling learners to interact with objects in ways never seen before. Make complex workflows achievable with just a few clicks by triggering an unlimited number of custom or in-built states, for each object, including smart shapes, images, text, buttons and more. Easily edit states using the States timeline.
Object styles  
Define styles and apply them to selected objects for quick and consistent formatting across a project.
Equation editor  
Easily add complex mathematical equations with operators and scientific symbols to courses using the multipurpose equation editor from [Math+Magic].
Master slides  
Use master slides to easily create and maintain well-formatted and consistent-looking content that meets your corporate guidelines.
Professional project templates  
Use attractive project templates that help make it easy for subject matter experts to contribute content without compromising structure.
Interactions library  
Create stunning interactions effortlessly without programming, by customizing any of the templates from our library such as in-course YouTube video streaming and web browsing, Millionaire, Hangman, Jigsaw, Process Cycle, Glossary, Accordion, Pyramid, Animated Rollover, and Accelerometer-based interactions. Also enable learners to add and edit notes as they take their course.
Spend less time and effort to liven up your courses. Choose from attractive themes that blend backgrounds, styles, fonts, and layouts. Apply them across projects to maintain a consistent look and feel. Change the look of your content in a jiffy by choosing from palettes of professionally chosen theme colors. Customize themes and theme colors to suit your requirements..


Responsive eLearning design

Multiscreen responsive eLearning authoring
Author as you always have—content rearranges itself for the new tablet and mobile views. Tweak content for a specific device, and use the in-product preview to see how your project will appear on various screens using five breakpoints. Publish as a single project and automatically deliver the most appropriate experience for your learner’s device.
iOS device capture
Now record your device screen as a full resolution HD video. Make your video richer by adding mobile-specific gestures such as swipe, tap, and pinch to zoom. Select from a range of audio sources, such as system audio, device audio, and microphone input, to customize your video demo.
Multidevice previews
View exactly how your content will look on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Preview your project on stage or browser selecting from five resolution breakpoints, or use the free Adobe Edge Inspect* app to see how it will look on a physical mobile device. Check how your courses will appear on various screens, vertically or horizontally, using the in-preview scroll functionality.


Gesture-enabled mobile learning
Use the multitouch technology embedded in current user interfaces to allow learners to tap, scroll, pinch, and swipe their way through courses. Leverage gesture support to enable more instinctive interaction between the learner and the content.

Geo-location support
Utilize the GPS capabilities of mobile devices to deliver timely, location-aware content to learners. Create assessments that require learners to be at a particular geo-location. Set location parameters easily using the integration of Google Maps with Adobe Captivate 9.
Relative smart positioning of objects
Easily define the relative position of objects with respect to screen borders or other objects, maintaining content and layout integrity across devices.


Device-aware eLearning delivery
Publish your responsive project to leading LMSs as a single project. The project will automatically detect your learner’s device and deliver the most appropriate experience for it.
Native support for HTML5 objects
Import HTML5 animations into your Adobe Captivate project without requiring any plug-ins. Place animations exactly where you need them, resize if required, and publish effortlessly in the HTML5 format.


Best-in-class HTML5 publishing
Import your PowerPoint project into Adobe Captivate 9 and retain text, shapes, audio, and animations, when you publish them directly to HTML5. Make your eLearning content more mobile with full support for scalable HTML5, mobile themes, play bar, and the ability to pause and resume anywhere, anytime, and on virtually any device. Also publish HTML5 courses directly to Adobe Captivate Prime or Adobe Connect.
Responsive themes
Choose from a selection of out-of-the-box responsive themes to render differentiated content for multiple devices. Customize themes to meet your requirements or create your own. Save themes for reuse across projects.
MinMax object sizing
Fix the minimum and maximum size of objects so that they do not rescale across device views. This is especially useful for images such as logos, which need to look consistent and be legible at all times.



25,000 + Asset store

Asset store [New]
Draw on the newly minted library of 25,000+ assets including games, interactions, layouts, scenarios, people cutouts, and much more, to dress up your courses. Developed exclusively for Adobe Captivate 9 users, the library will be updated regularly so that your content will always dazzle.
Responsive Motion Effects without programming [New]
Create eLearning that rocks with fluid object transitions that include motion paths and rotations, even in responsive projects. Define Linear, Custom or Scribble motion paths to completely control the way objects move. Preview animations on hover, and see how effects play out relative to other objects on the integrated Effects and Project timeline. Deliver a superior responsive learning experience by designing different effects for different devices. Integrate multi-state objects with customizable effects to create more impactful courses.


Interactive slide shows with multistate objects [New]
Easily loop multiple states of an object to create interactive slide shows without having to create multiple slides. Impart an unlimited number of states to virtually any object. Each state can contain images, text, videos, animations or any combination of these objects. Add buttons that learners can use to navigate the course.
Multistate support for drag-and-drop interactions [New]
Make learning dynamic by leveraging multistate object support for drag and drop interactions. Simulate real-life scenarios by customizing the states for Drag sources and Drop targets, based on learner interaction. Provide feedback and aid retention, by altering the state of the Drop target to reflect whether an answer is correct or not.
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) support [New]
Create high-quality projects with vector images that scale across devices and sizes with no loss of quality. Define complex shapes and bring them into Adobe Captivate, as SVG graphics. Convert them to auto shapes and use them as buttons or feedback captions. Roundtrip with Adobe Illustrator CC to edit the images. The images are automatically added to the library, and can be re-used across projects.
Tell your eLearning story more effectively using human characters. Select from a wide range of out-of-the-box actors making various gestures to give your eLearning a personal touch. Set them against relevant backgrounds to make your scenarios look more realistic.
Customizable Smart Shapes
Add a wide range of shapes, including circles, rectangles, triangles, callouts, arrows, lines, banners, and flowchart symbols, to your eLearning content. Customize them and convert them into buttons. Choose different styles to indicate the up, hover, and down states. Group a set of smart shapes so that you can work with them collectively.
Colors and effects
Make your eLearning more colorful by importing your favorite colors from Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Kuler, and including them in the swatches for use in Adobe Captivate projects. Create more attractive slides with objects that have color gradients, shadows, rotate handles, and reflections.
Rollover slidelet, images and captions
Use rollover effects to offer additional information or to provide hints and tips during a course. Display rich media content, such as images, text, audio, and video, when the learner moves the mouse over the specified hot spot area of the slide.



Everything eLearning

Best-in-class screen capture
Generate robust software simulations with multiple learning modes in a single recording session by capturing all on-screen actions, including mouse movements, system audio and keyboard activity. Create a single responsive screen capture project that plays seamlessly across devices. Adobe Captivate detects screen activity in the recording window and automatically pans to those areas to create screen capture output for the tablet and mobile views.


High-definition screencast
Easily create high-quality product demos with the capture-as-a-video workflow. Edit video and add transitions, smart shapes, audio, and captions. Insert a talking head or another video in a picture-in-picture format. Publish to YouTube with a single click.
Audio-video support and synchronization
Record system audio along with narration or import video in a wide variety of formats (AVI, MOV, FLV, MPEG). Synchronize audio or video with slides and timed objects. Edit audio to correct mistakes, add an external track, or attach sound effects to individual objects. Make your eLearning more personal by providing audio responses to interactions and enabling in-course YouTube video streaming.
Scenario branching
Visually map out different learner paths. Collapse and expand sections of a simulation, and create complex scenarios by automatically branching at the end of slides based on a learner’s choice at the beginning of the simulation.
Text to speech
Keep learners tuned in to your content thanks to automatic voice-over functionality that turns text into high-quality speech in a few clicks. Need to change the text? Just click once to update the audio.
Support for right-clicking in simulations
Maintain realism in your software training content with support for mouse clicking in simulations.
Auto-text captions
Create text captions that describe concepts and screen actions, or use Adobe Captivate to automatically add them during recording. Customize caption appearance, size, orientation, position, and display speed.
Table of contents and Aggregator
Enable learners to easily navigate through content and track their progress with a multilevel table of contents. Use the Aggregator to combine multiple content modules into a single eLearning course.
Text enhancements
Improve the appearance and readability of text by adding margins and custom bullets. Insert text hyperlinks to direct learners to other sections of the course or external sources for more information.
Pan and zoom support
Use the panning motion while recording to draw attention to specific areas in an application and to optimize content for playback on even the smallest mobile device screens. Focus learner attention by zooming into different parts of the screen.
Customizable skins
Place customizable playback controls outside the simulation, and customize the frame color to your needs. You can even create a table of contents for large projects.



Test and track

Comprehensive quizzing
Create a wide range of attractive quizzes by customizing out-of-the-box quiz templates. Include more question types like matching, short answer, and fill-in-the-blanks. Leverage HTML5 support to deliver quizzes across all devices. Convert the standard success, failure, or hint captions to a variety of smart shapes for more effective feedback to learner selections.
Knowledge Check questions [New]
Keep learners on-track with informal checkpoints embedded in your course. Include knowledge check questions to help learners pause, think, and consider before they move on to more content or assessments. Provide option-level feedback to learners for greater understanding and retention.
Responsive drag-and-drop interactions
Make eLearning fun with drag-and-drop games, quizzes, and learning modules that can run on any device. Choose from a variety of relationships between the drag item and drop target to implement learning outcomes more visually. Provide customizable audio feedback to every drag-and-drop attempt. 
Pretest and branch-aware quizzing
Use pretests to assess the knowledge, skill level, or training needs of individual learners. Based on the results, direct learners to the appropriate section, and quiz them at the end to gauge what they have learned.
Multiple question types
Create quizzes quickly with an intuitive user interface and the ability to insert multiple question types such as matching, short answer, and fill-in-the-blanks and more. Bring in a large pool of offline questions from a GIFT format question to automatically create assessment modules. Maximize instructor time by using the same questions in multiple quizzes.
Comprehensive scoring
Capture scoring data from all interactive elements, including click boxes, text entry boxes, buttons, and quizzes. Discourage guesswork by penalizing learners for wrong answers. Interpret scores through any SCORM-, AICC- or xAPI–compliant LMS. Integrate Adobe Captivate with the Questionmark Perception tool to create simulation-based assessments. 
Make eLearning content more effective and improve the percentage of successful outcomes using the remedial workflow. When answering a quiz question incorrectly, let learners revisit the relevant section, understand the concept correctly, and retry the question.
Randomized quizzing and question pools
Choose from customizable quiz templates, such as multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank. Improve learner assessments by randomly drawing questions from a set of question pools.
In-product LMS preview [New]
Eliminate the guesswork from content-LMS integration, get fine-grained control over all aspects of your course, and reduce dependency on your LMS administrator. Automatically preview courses in, to gauge LMS compatibility and get error logs to identify those portions of the course that need attention.
Publish to Adobe Captivate Prime and other LMSs [Enhanced]
Get your training content out to your learners with a single click, thanks to the new self-service LMS, Adobe Captivate Prime. The tight integration of Adobe Captivate and Adobe Captivate Prime ensures a superior learning experience for users, while keeping you in control of your learning environment. Optionally, publish your courses effortlessly to other leading LMSs.



Geek street

Shared Advanced Actions 
Use Advanced Actions to enable conditional or multiple actions in an interaction or across projects. Create Shared Action templates to use across modules and projects. Drag and drop shared actions from an external library to your current project to reuse them. Now enhance shared actions with variable parameterization.
Roundtripping with Adobe CC
Roundtrip seamlessly with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition and more in Adobe Creative Cloud and work with the world’s best creative apps. Preserve layers in imported Photoshop files, and edit or animate individual layers in Adobe Captivate for just the right effect. Edit and enhance audio files in Adobe Audition CC software and then bring them back into Adobe Captivate.
Accessibility support
Expand your outreach to defense, government, and educational organizations. Easily create simulations and demonstrations that address accessibility standards, such as Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0). To help ensure that everyone can access your content, define text equivalents, insert clickable areas that allow keyboard access, and more.
Multiformat publishing
Publish projects in multiple formats (HTML5, MP4, EXE, SWF, PDF) to the web, desktops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, iOS and Android devices, and leading Tin Can-(xAPI), SCORM-, and AICC-compliant LMSs. Simplify project localization by exporting captions to a text or XML Localization Interchange File Format (XLIFF) file. Take advantage of ActionScript 3.0 publishing to import content created with Adobe Flash Builder 4 and later software (available separately).
Native app publisher
Publish your course as an app to multiple mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android, and Windows RT (Metro apps), simultaneously and with a single click, right from within Adobe Captivate using the Adobe PhoneGap** service.
Unicode support
Create content in any language, including double-byte languages, and count on Adobe Captivate to publish it properly thanks to Unicode text encoding.
Right-to-left language support
Widen your learner base by making your courses available in multiple languages, including right-to-left languages, such as Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu.
Popup blocker
Now get rid of annoying notifications that pop up in the middle of your screen capture. Automatically remove the unwanted popup by just selecting it. Alternatively easily replace the unwanted segment with a desirable one, using just a few clicks.
Retina display support
Use Adobe Captivate 9 at a resolution that matches your Mac. Enjoy a superior authoring experience thanks to high-resolution icons and UI assets that make your program elements look crisp.
Social media engagement
Instantly enable social conversations within Adobe Captivate courses with the Twitter§ widget. Help learners collaborate with you and other learners in real time by selecting a specific area within a course and tweeting a question. Track all conversations using the Learning Analytics dashboard.

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