First released in 1992, the multiple master font format was an incredible advance in type technology. In 2000, Adobe unveiled the next great leap forward: Opentype®. Developed in conjunction with Microsoft, OpenType uses the same cross-platform font file on both the Macintosh and Windows platforms, providing more reliable document portability. This one font file can also contain an expanded glyph set that allows for extended language support and integrated access to advanced typographic features.
Below is a list of the multiple master fonts formerly available from Adobe and their corresponding OpenType packages. Simply click on the link in the righthand column to view a specific package. You can then order the entire font package or individual fonts by clicking the "Buy Now" button.
Legacy MM Family Corresponding OpenType Family(ies)
ITC Avant Garde MM ITC Avant Garde Std 1
  ITC Avant Garde Std 2
  ITC Avant Garde Std Condensed 1
  ITC Avant Garde Std Condensed 2
Bickham Script MM Bickham Script Pro
Briem Akademi MM Briem Akademi Std
  Briem Akademi Std Compressed
  Briem Akademi Std Condensed
Briem Script MM Briem Script Std
Caflisch Script MM Caflisch Script Pro
Chaparral MM Chaparral Pro
Chaparral Expert MM Chaparral Pro Opticals
Conga Brava MM Conga Brava Std
Cronos MM Cronos Pro
Cronos Expert MM Cronos Pro Opticals
Ex Ponto MM Ex Ponto Pro
ITC Garamond MM ITC Garamond Std
  ITC Garamond Std Condensed
  ITC Garamond Std Narrow
Graphite MM Graphite Std
Adobe Jenson MM Adobe Jenson Pro
Adobe Jenson Expert MM Adobe Jenson Pro Opticals
Jimbo MM Jimbo Std
Kepler MM Kepler Std
Kepler Expert MM Kepler Std SemiCondensed
  Kepler Std Extended
  Kepler Std Opticals
  Kepler Std SemiCondensed Opticals
  Kepler Std Condensed Opticals
  Kepler Std Extended Opticals
Kinesis MM Kinesis Std
Kinesis Expert MM
Mezz MM Mezz Std
Minion MM Minion Pro
Minion Expert MM Minion Pro Condensed
  Minion Std Black
  Minion Pro Opticals
  Minion Pro Condensed Opticals
Motter Corpus MM Motter Corpus Std
Myriad MM Myriad Pro
  Myriad Pro SemiCondensed
  Myriad Pro Condensed
  Myriad Pro SemiExtended
Nueva MM Nueva Std
  Nueva Std Condensed
  Nueva Std Extended
Ocean Sans MM Ocean Sans Std
  Ocean Sans Std Extended
  Ocean Sans Std SemiExtended
Penumbra MM Penumbra Flare Std
  Penumbra HalfSerif Std
  Penumbra Sans Std
  Penumbra Serif Std
Reliq MM Reliq Std Calm
  Reliq Std Active
  Reliq Std Extra Active
Sanvito MM Sanvito Pro
  Sanvito Pro Opticals
Tekton MM Tekton Pro
  Tekton Pro Condensed & Extended
Verve MM Verve Std
Viva MM Viva Std
WatersTitling MM WatersTitling Pro