Brand Safety Tools

Keep control of your brand with our industry-leading tools to ensure your advertisements display in the best possible light. Page screening capabilities detect and mitigate faulty inventory, while pre-bid filtering detects and prevents fraud, brand violations, and suboptimal viewability.

Protecting your brand in more ways than one.

Achieving optimal advertising performance means striking a balance between content, creative, customer-first experience delivery — and now, security. With threats coming from all corners, brand safety and fraud prevention have never been more important. But, at the same time, no one wants to sacrifice campaign performance.

With an aggressive approach to fraud and brand-safety protections, our industry-leading brand safety suite brings the pieces together. Every campaign is structured for optimal performance, while added safeguards detect fraudulent and suspicious inventory, ensuring you only pay for meaningful media placements.

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Goal optimizer
Hone in on key KPIs by selecting various performance and branding optimization goals directly from the UI. Goals include return on advertiser spend, cost per acquisition, cost per click, and cost per viewable impression.

Quality and safety
The Advertising Cloud demand-side platform (DSP) detects and mitigates fraudulent and faulty inventory across display and video. By identifying ghost URLs, fake URLs, and other suspicious activity, we ensure you only spend your budget on real inventory.

Machine learning
Performance optimization from Adobe Advertising Cloud enables you to improve search campaigns. Explore this valuable feature that helps drive higher conversions.

Weighted objectives
Determine where you should spend your next dollar most effectively. Collect site data (through Adobe Analytics) and set optimization goals based on the site-user behaviors that matter most. As more data is received, the optimizer learns how to make more intelligent bids.

Best-in-class integrations
Activate 3rd-party integrations for pre-bid filtering and viewability reporting for an additional layer of fraud prevention, verification, and brand safety protection.

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Keep an eye on image.

Read this article on our Adobe blog to discover how to keep your ads away from objectionable content and avoid a negative brand impact.

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Access quality, in every sense of the word.

Go to our Help section to learn how our Non-human Traffic Credit Program refunds you for suspicious impressions and helps you avoid fraudulent placement.

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Outils DSP professionnels

Allez plus loin grâce à un traitement des données plus poussé, gage de précieuses informations. Les journaux d'activité bruts fournissent de nombreux renseignements sur les activités de campagne, qui sont directement transférés dans votre base de données ou plate-forme de gestion des données. Notre API de reporting fournit des mesures de performances directement dans les applications d'annonceur natives.

Gestion d’inventaire premium

Automatisez la gestion des inventaires privés pour bénéficier d'achats garantis et d'un inventaire de contenus premium à la demande de plus de 100 éditeurs et télédiffuseurs, ou d'offres programmatiques modernes comme l'audio, la publicité digitale extérieure (DOOH) et les réseaux sociaux.

Planificateur multi-écran

Planifiez et achetez des espaces publicitaires pour tous les écrans et formats. Chargez les plans actuels pour la télévision et le digital ou différents jeux de données pour déterminer le meilleur mix d'inventaires et les allocations budgétaires optimales par canal, puis mesurez la portée, la fréquence et l'impact avec un maximum de précision.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Advertising Cloud can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Advertising Cloud can do for your business.