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Courtroom lawyers, transactional experts, and caped crusaders — Adobe Legal and Government Relations is a talented team committed to vigorously advocating on behalf of Adobe, its vision, and its customers, all while upholding the highest ethical standards. We are business partners and thought leaders to every aspect of our company. We add value and do our best to find innovative ways to approach issues that are best for our customers and our business. To support each business unit within our organization, some of our departments include compliance, intellectual property, privacy, real estate, marketing, and more!

How can you make an impact?


How can you make an impact?


Over 100 attorneys support Adobe’s business activities, whether related to real estate, mergers and acquisitions, or inbound/outbound licensing. While some attorneys provide direct support to engineers and product teams, others support our revenue-generating activities by negotiating sales contracts. We also have attorneys dedicated to designing privacy controls to ensure our products are designed with privacy and security in mind. 


Legal Specialists

In addition to our attorneys, we have more than 50 legal specialists supporting Adobe’s business. They participate in negotiations to ensure that contracts adhere to the correct legal positions, interact with cross-functional teams to understand the sales and product lifecycle processes, perform risk analysis for commonly used agreements, provide considerations for internal process improvement processes, and apply law and government procedures, under the guidance of our attorneys, as it relates to filing and maintaining our intellectual property rights.

Government Relations

Adobe’s commitment is to help local, state and federal governments globally save money, improve citizen services, solve policy issues, bring people together to ensure diverse voices are heard, and ensure all people benefit for the use of new technology to create a future connected society. To achieve this, we have a dedicated global team of government relations experts.


More Legal Professionals

Over 20 professionals provide support to the legal department, as well as other aspects of the organization. This work varies from performing risk assessments of vendors, compliance checks for business operations, managing budget and key department metrics, providing technology support for legal tools and systems, maintaining corporate policies, governing contract and document management systems, and more to ensure that we achieve our organizational objectives. 

How can you make an impact?

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