What are the benefits of these special offers?
If you’re already using {{photoshop}} and want more options for video editing in {{premiere-pro}} or for design in {{illustrator}}, the {{creative-cloud-all-apps}} plan is for you for just US$34,49/mo, VAT included, for the first year. {{buy-now}} | {{see-terms}}
Where can I find out about all the new features in {{creative-cloud}}?
For full details, see the Creative Cloud features page. To find out what’s new in any {{creative-cloud}} app, visit its page on the Adobe website.
How do I access {{creative-cloud}} apps?
The {{creative-cloud}} app will be automatically installed on your computer the first time you download any creative app. Use the {{creative-cloud}} app to download and update apps.
What types of files can I store on {{creative-cloud}}?
Creative Cloud has no restrictions on the file formats it can save.
Do I need internet access to use the applications installed on my PC?
You do not need an internet connection to run applications on a PC. Internet access is only needed when installing applications for the first time and to check the license term. (Adobe does this check every 30 days.) Users with an annual subscription can work completely offline for up to 99 days in a row, and users with a monthly subscription can work offline for up to 30 days.
When does my {{creative-cloud}} membership start?
The subscription will be activated immediately upon payment on the Adobe website. Sign out of your Adobe ID and sign in again to reset your license, and then click Download or Install. For more information, see Download and install Creative Cloud apps.