| Character Animator

How to get Character Animator.

Start for free or get it as part of the {{creative-cloud-all-apps}} plan.


Character Animator Starter


Start for free

  • Get started — no experience needed.
  • Access basic features to create and export animations in minutes.
  • Choose from predesigned puppets.
  • Save time with select gestures.
  • Create with real-time face tracking.
  • Have fun without any commitment.


PRICE - ABM - Creative Cloud All Apps 100GB

Buy now

  • Get Character Animator and 20+ apps: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and more.
  • Access all Character Animator pro features.
  • Create multiple characters and original puppets with Puppet Maker.
  • Make your own movements and gestures.
  • Create with real-time face and body tracking.
  • Livestream your characters.