View design elements at new angles.

Turn an object around a fixed point with the Rotate tool to get the perfect placement.

Make a mirror reflection.

Flip a design element over an axis with the Reflect tool and use it to create symmetrical designs.

Create designs at any size.

From small-scale stickers to giant billboards, resize your designs as big or small as you want with the Scale tool— no quality lost.

Select a color and use it elsewhere.

Use the Eyedropper tool to pick a color from one part of your design and apply it somewhere new.

Cut up shapes to make something new.

Split a line or shape at an anchor point with the Scissors tool to create multiple objects or to trim away parts you don’t want.

Combine shapes and colors.

Morph the shapes and colors of two or more objects with the Blend tool to make dimensional creations with graduated hues.