| Select the main subject

Select the main subject.

Use Select Subject to automatically select the most prominent object in an image. | Add text to images

Add text to images.

Use the Type tool to add horizontal or vertical type, or even paragraphs, to your images. | Change a background in a few clicks

Change a background in a few clicks.

Use Remove Background to make a blah setting disappear, then replace it with anything you want. | Make large object disappear.

Make large objects disappear.

Brush over or circle around a large shape with the Remove Tool to fill it with content that seamlessly matches the background. | Detect and select objects

Detect and select objects.

Use the Object Selection tool to identify and select things like people, pets, or even parts of landscapes. | Make speedy complex selections

Make speedy complex selections.

Click and drag the Quick Selection tool across an area to automatically detect the image edges and create a selection.