| Crop and expand an image

Crop and expand an image.

Select part of an image with the Crop tool and remove everything outside the selected area, or pair it with Generative Expand to extend the image. | Apply filters for a new look.

Apply filters for a new look.

Use over 30 Adjustment Presets to change images in one click. Create and save custom presets, export them to share, and import new favorites. Plus, apply presets to multiple images at once. | Combine images

Combine images.

Create a composite of two or more images by placing them on their own independent, transparent layers. | Swap out the sky

Swap out the sky.

Replace the sky in any photo with preset options or an image from your own collection with the Sky Replacement tool. | Make reversible changes

Make reversible changes.

Use adjustment layers to make quick edits like brightening or darkening a photo without permanently changing the base image.. | Modify color and tone

Modify color and tone.

Merge colors and patterns between your background and foreground to create dramatic effects with Blend modes.