| Fix mistakes

Fix mistakes.

Change parts of your image to the background color or make them transparent with the Eraser tool. | Organize your artwork

Organize your artwork.

Create multiple canvases within the same workspace with the Artboard tool so you can view your designs side by side. | Paint a digital masterpiece

Paint a digital masterpiece.

Use the Brush tool to make artwork from thousands of preset brushes based on mediums like watercolor and oil or make your own. | Draw and edit shapes

Draw and edit shapes.

Click and drag to create precise rectangles, ellipses, lines, and even custom shapes with the Shape tools. | Smooth and blend colors

Smooth and blend colors.

Use the Smudge tool to mix colors together like wet paint. | Instantly fill areas with color

Instantly fill areas with color.

Quickly fill parts of your design with a solid color or pattern using the Paint Bucket tool. Add color to shapes, backgrounds, selections, and more.