What is 3D modeling software?
3D modeling software allows you to create digital representations of three-dimensional objects. Software uses mathematical calculations to mimic depth, lighting, textures, and more, creating the appearance of true 3D. These models can be used for a number of applications across many industries.
Is Substance 3D Modeler available for Mac?
Currently, Substance 3D Modeler is not available for macOS. A full list of technical requirements is available in the documentation.
What are the file formats supported by Substance 3D Modeler?
Modeler supports most standard 3D file types, including OBJ, FBX, USD, and glTF. A full list of supported file formats can be found in the documentation.
Is Substance 3D Modeler a good 3D modeling software for beginners?
Beginners may find Modeler suitable for learning because it doesn’t require technical concerns about polygons and topology to start shaping objects. Modeler aims to make 3D modeling feel as gestural and natural as sculpting real world clay.
Can I import 3D models into Substance 3D Modeler?
To import a mesh into Modeler, use the File > Import Mesh option in the menu, or the shortcut ctrl + shift + m. Modeler supports most standard file types, including OBJ, FBX, USD, and glTF. You can also import any Modeler scene which is saved as an SMOD file.