What is photogrammetry software and how does it work?
3D Capture, or photogrammetry, is the process of creating a 3D mesh with textures by capturing measurements from images. The process involves taking multiple photographs of an object from many angles so the software can extract information about the shape and location of features in the images.
What file format does Substance 3D Sampler support? How can I import and export files?
Substance 3D Sampler supports two categories of file types. Bitmaps/images like JPEG and PNG are supported. Sampler also supports Substance packages (SBSAR) which allows you to import existing resources such as materials.
Is Substance 3D Sampler a good 3D capture software for beginners?
Sampler has a low learning curve compared to other Substance apps. It is a great tool for creating detailed 3D objects and materials. With the help of Adobe Sensei AI and helpful automation, Sampler makes 3D Capture and Image to Material workflows accessible to all users.
What is the difference between Substance 3D Sampler and Designer?
Substance 3D Sampler offers the tools you need to take advantage of 3D Capture methods for creating meshes, materials, and HDR lights. Designer is a node-based authoring app for creating materials, textures, and seamless patterns. Each app offers a different approach to creating stunning 3D resources.
What photogrammetry features does Sampler offer?
Substance 3D Sampler allows you to create 3D meshes with textures, seamless materials, and HDR lights from real world images.