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Navigation bar (spry menu bar) incompatibility issue

by Kath Gibbs on February 7, 2009 Avg Rating 3.5 (4)   |   Log in to rate post.

Tagged with Explorer 6.0 , Spry Menu Bar


I have used dreamweaver CS3 to insert a vertical navigation bar but the browser compatibility check has highlighted 2 issues that I am nable to resolve.


I need assistance with a solution please.

Detailed description

I have created a navigation bar (spry Menu bar) following the book instructions to the letter (or so I thought) and have encountered an issue that I am unable to resolve. When checking the page for compatibility it has thown up the following:-

"Found 2 errors in external css files."

The line highlighted as the problem shows :-

<link href="SpryAssets/SpryMenuBarVertical.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

However only part of the text is highlighted which is:-


Also, when I view the page all looks fine but a message appears at the top to say that Internet Explorer has protected my security by blocking some scripts from running or ActiveX controls. When I allow the blocked content ,the navigation bar appears completely out of place at the bottom of the page and leaves some blank boxes where the navigation bar should be.Nightmare!

I am not sure where to start to correct this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated  

Tagged with Explorer 6.0 , Spry Menu Bar

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Anybody find a solution? Can't get Spry to work with IE.

Been working on it all day.  No way.  What options to I have?

Look at CSS file for navigation bar

I think I had a similar problem to this the other day - compatibility with IE6, marked that the problem was with navigation bar css. What I did was go into the actual navigation bar style sheet (file suffix .css) and run the compatibility check on that. It pointed out the errors to me (which turned out to be a couple of missing 'px' value marks) which I then fixed. When I ran the compatibility check again, everything was OK. Working with CSS properly for the first time it's quite weird to get used to the idea that you have a file for an object (like the nav bar) but that the instructions that tell it what to look like are in a completely separate file.

Good luck. Jen.

Insert Mark of the Web

I am not sure exactly what errors you are seeing the site, but the Internet Explorer "Active X" issue is easy to fix.  The reason why it is doing this is because the files you are previewing are on your local machine, but not uploaded yet right?  

The easiest way to fix this is to go to Command -> Insert Mark of the Web.  It puts a snippet of code into your document that fools IE into thinking that your document is live on the web, and it should not give you the Active X problem anymore.  

I hope I understood your concern and that this answer works for you.  Good luck!

Upgrade to Spry 1.6

Have you tried upgrading to 1.6? it fixed some IE issues.

...blocking some scripts from running or ActiveX controls

Firstly, IE when used in offline mode, will block ActiveX controls running locally. Once you activate them you're more than likely seeing the numerous errors caused by the Internet 6 browser. Run the validation on your HTML page and see what errors are found therein.

same stuff

I have the same problem.In firefox everithynk works fine,but IE-Im desperately.Whats wrong?

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