OnDemand Seminars

Get Video To Market Faster Across All Channels

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how Adobe Experience Manager Assets for video can help you to:

• Streamline workflow across the entire video lifecycle: from review and approval to encoding, authoring, and cross channel delivery

• Leverage adaptive and responsive video players to enhance your mobile offerings

• Get real time feedback on video views and engagement trends

Drive Mobile App Engagement Long After Launch

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how Adobe Experience Manager Apps can help you to:

  • Instantly update and manage content without app development skills
  • Quickly customize and reuse content for optimal display on mobile phones and tablets
  • Reach all customer segments faster by building once and deploying across platforms

Deliver Better Digital Experiences with DAM Workflows

Watch the on-demand webinar on Adobe Experience Manager Assets for digital asset management, to learn how to:

  • Work faster with creative pros, external agencies, and marketers with streamlined workflows and project management
  • Manage and retain valuable product information and metadata
  • Transform assets, including video, into rich, dynamic media experiences across multiple channels

Ask A Video Pro: Making the Switch to Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro and the Creative Cloud video applications offer integrated workflows, industry-leading file format support, a professional editing toolset, and a little bit of Adobe magic to help take your productions to the next level. If you are an editor or filmmaker considering making the switch, or have recently joined Creative Cloud, this seminar is for you. You will learn about:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro and the editing workflow with Adobe’s industry-leading NLE
  • Dynamic Link integration with After Effects
  • How to send audio to Audition
  • Direct Link projects to SpeedGrade

Ask A Video Pro: From Photography to Videography

​Discover the filmmaking tools in Adobe Creative Cloud. This seminar will introduce the workflows and the video production tools included in Adobe Creative Cloud, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Media Encoder, and more.

Reimagine Mobile Shopping Experience

Learn how Adobe Experience Manager for Commerce lets you:

  • Control shopping recommendations based on user profiles through a simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Deliver rich content that is automatically optimized across mobile devices including zoom-and-pan images, 360° spin, and video
  • Personalize mobile shopping experiences by leveraging data and geo-location targeting

Quickly Launch Marketing Campaigns in the Cloud

Join us for this live webinar and learn about using Adobe Experience Manager in the cloud.

Find out how you can:
  • Quickly organize, manage, and launch marketing campaigns and digital properties
  • Empower marketers and IT to deliver engaging experiences while reducing time to market
  • Deploy scalable, highly available, and secure digital experiences globally with IT as the trusted advisor

Adobe Media Optimizer SEM Simulations

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about how advertisers can harness the latest engagement data LED and essentially any metric from Adobe Analytics through a bidirectional data flow for SEM predictions and optimization. Search marketers leveraging "big data" collected from Adobe Analytics saw an average of 16% lift in performance and ROI.

    This session will show how you can:
  • Manage predictive tools to adjust campaigns
  • Drive greater return on advertising investments using LED
  • Monitor performance through visualizations in our improved portfolio spotlight

Introducing Adobe Experience Manager 6.0

Find out how the next generation of Adobe Experience Manager AEM enables marketers to easily organize and manage the delivery of content and creative assets across all digital marketing channels, including web, mobile, social media, and video.

Discover how you can:
  • Transform and extend the reach of your digital marketing campaigns to include mobile and social channels
  • Simplify your mobile strategy and discover the benefits of responsive design
  • Deliver rich, personalized media—including video—across all digital channels

The Power of Personalized Experiences

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Adobe Experience Manager can enable you to:

  • Easily create, manage, and deliver content optimized for multi-channel experiences
  • Manage and deliver rich digital assets across all marketing channels
  • Deliver targeted content through actionable data and social interactions with Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics

The Power of Student Assessments and Early Intervention

Leverage collaboration and Early Intervention to track learner performance, identify individuals who need course correction, and track key performance metrics in an intuitive learner dashboard, without investing in an LMS. Don’t miss it!

Introduction of Job Handling and Offloading

Job handling is the underlying infrastructure for features like replication and workflow processing. This is a technical introduction of the advanced job handling features. We will discuss the new discovery module alongside with the improved job processing API and the new features. Building on top of the job handling and discovery, the offloading framework focuses on distributing jobs among non-clustered instances. We will have a closer look into how offloading extends the distributed job handling. Then we look at how it's used for the current implementation of workflow offloading and how one can use it in its own project. Presenters: 1. Carsten Ziegeler, Senior Developer 2. Marc Pfaff, Lead Developer

Creative Cloud for Web Designers/Developers

Creative Cloud for Web Designers/Developers

Ask A Pro Creative Cloud for Video Pros

Creative Cloud for Video Pros

Ask A Pro: Using Edge Animate and Creative Cloud to for responsive web design

Using Edge Animate and Creative Cloud to for responsive web design

Ask A Pro: Creative Cloud for Web Designers/Developers

In this session Evangelist Paul Trani will take you through how Creative Cloud helps both web designers and developers work faster and smarter than ever before when building content for the modern, responsive web. Learn how to collaborate and share files as well as new ways to work with web fonts. See the latest in Photoshop, Illustrator and Reflow when creating web content, as well as discover the latest in Edge Tools and Services. A session not to be missed.

Practical Uses for Adobe Captivate 6: Part 2: Creating Video Demos

Video demonstrations have growing use in the video savvy web and mobile world of education and training today.  Join Dr. Allen Partridge, Adobe eLearning Evangelist for a discussion and demonstration of the amazing new MP4 video workflows in Adobe Captivate 6.  Learn to Zoom and Pan, work with transitions, layer various media and captions and work with audio in your project.

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