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CF 10 Developer Week - Using ColdFusion frameworks for Application development

Finding the arguments about increased productivity, maintenance, employ-ability, and community testing persuasive, you may have finally decided to join the large number of people who are using a ColdFusion framework for their application development. Since the framework space has exploded in the last few years with so many new frameworks and so many different areas, it is very difficult to keep up. So you’re left with a hard task: deciding which framework, or even combination of frameworks, is right for you.

Using Multi-SCO Packager to Create a Single Course out of SCOs from Captivate, Flash and Dreamweaver

Join Vish and Dr. Pooja Jaisingh to learn how to combine SWF and PDF from Captivate, Learning interactions SWF from Flash and Course Builder SCOs from Dreamweaver into a single course. We will also learn about using Learning Interactions in Flash and Course Builder in Dreamweaver.

What’s in it for you?

After attending the session, you will be able to:

  • Create SCORM Trackable SWF and PDF from Captivate
  • Create Learning Interaction SWF from Flash
  • Create Course Builder SCO from Dreamweaver
  • Use Multi-SCO Packager to create single course.
  • Upload to LMS to test the content.

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