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By SmartMediaD February 08, 2007

Rating = 5543 votes


SECURE-TSPlayer v3.5 is a software developed for .mp3 audio file reproduction that is able to run from webpages. SECURE-TSPlayer v3.5 is developed in Flash to be used in flash player version 7 or later. SECURE-TSPlayer v3.5 presents unique features that makes it indispensable in the website or web application development. Among these features are: switching of your visual interface between professionally designed skins that you'll be able to download from the website , the posibility to allow the music to be reproduced in safe mode without leaving temporal copies on the users'computers, allowing the playing of files outside the domain where the player is running. SECURE-TSPlayer v3.5, supports standard formats such as RSS(PODCAST based standard) and XSPF, to the .xml extension file that contains the playlist, as well as been able to configurate a group of settings as default for the player to start with.


UI Access:
To insert SECURE-TSPlayer v3.5 in your website, select the option "Inser Secure MP3 Player" inside the Commands menu in Adobe Dreamweaver (formerly Macromedia Dreamweaver); an insertion/configuration window will open. Insertion and configuration of the audio player is carried out through three separated steps each one in a different screen that shows help when selecting the different options.


License: Commercial
Cost: $29.99
OS: All
File format: MXP | 392.5 KB

Additional extension information

Author: SmartMediaD
Author website:
Date published: February 08, 2007
Approval: Basic
Browsers: Internet Explorer 7,6,5.5,5 | Mozilla 2.0,1.0 | Netscape 9,8,7,6.2,6,4.75 | Opera 8,7,6,5
Required product(s): Dreamweaver MX 2004
Compatible product(s): Dreamweaver CS3 , 8 , MX 2004 , CS4
Server environment: PHP MySQL


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kayfea 10-Jul-08 Rating = 5

Very easy to use and with a quality developer's support

desdemona14 04-Jul-08 Rating = 5

The extension has an excellent implementation and a very good documentation

kschmidt74 03-Jul-08 Rating = 5

I appreciate the versatility of this extension, which allows to configure it to match my needs perfectly.

pearlf 02-Jul-08 Rating = 5

To achieve the same thing on my own would've taken me ages - this extension is well priced, which I find important - and it saves plenty of time.

widaman 01-Jul-08 Rating = 5

I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of use of this extension. I am no specialist, and needed something straightforward and clear. This is exactly what I needed.

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