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Dreamweaver Extension

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FlexiPanels CSS for Dreamweaver

By Extend Studio September 25, 2009

Rating = 45 votes

FlexiPanels CSS for Dreamweaver is a CSS builder that helps you create table-less HTML code for side panels, menu containers or any content zones with a gradient background and<br> rounded corners. Start with a layout picture from your designer or implement any of the 30 ready-made panels and the extension will create the standard compliant DIVs and CSS ready to be implemented in your site, without writing code manually!<br> - The extension comes with 30 Predefined panels (5 or more color themes each)<br> - Creates a flexible DIV + CSS structure that allows you to insert content and to resize panel elements (header/body/footer) without breaking the design

Support forums:

UI Access:
In Dreamweaver, go to the Window Tab and check the Insert field (or press CTRL+F2). A new tab should appear below the upper tab where you can see FlexiPanels CSS.<br> More information about the product usage:

Additional extension information

Author: Extend Studio
Author website:
Date published: September 25, 2009
Approval: Basic
Browsers: Firefox 3.0,2.0 | Google Chrome | Internet Explorer 7.0,6.0 | Netscape 9.0,8.0,7.0 | Opera 8.0,7.0 | Safari 3.0
Required product(s): Dreamweaver CS3
Compatible product(s): Dreamweaver CS3, CS4
Server environment: Not available


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Orlan Ree 26-Oct-10 Rating = 3

Will it work with DW CS2?

marin chitac 09-Apr-10 Rating = 5

I've become addicted to this extension :)

AJ_design 23-Mar-10 Rating = 2

aa 09-Feb-10 Rating = 5

I've had this extension for several months now and think it is one of the best around. Pick from many panels and colors, then size to fit your needs and it is so easy to work with. For the price it is an excellent choice and produces eye pleasing results. Some extensions are so over-priced it's ridiculous, FlexiPanels is the exception.

Richard Jensen 03-Oct-09 Rating = 5

I´ve never seen anything better! Easy to use and with a excellent result. Wow!
Richard Jensen

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