Creating digital experiences efficiently and successfully—everything from the cloud

23. April 2020
10:00am – 11:00am

Deliver new experiences everywhere

As customer behavior continues to evolve, brands and marketers must drive brand engagement or face irrelevance. The need to engage with the omnichannel customer, build custom interfaces, deliver experiences for connected devices, adopt new interaction modes, and deploy new developer technologies is significant.
On 23. April 2020 you can Join us for a deep dive on AEM in the Webinar ‘Creating digital experiences efficiently and successfully—everything from the cloud’.
Learn from our AEM experts, Nikolay Bakaltchev and Alexander Saar how your teams can focus on inspiring content for their customers, while we take care of the rest. Experience how this has already been successfully implemented - we will provide you with concrete examples.



Overview of AEM in the Cloud in 2020

A Swiss-born tech success story: brief highlights of Adobe Experience Manager since its inception as Day Software in Basel in the 1990-ties until today in 2020 when it is deployed globally as the AEM Cloud Service. One application – continued innovation: understand AEM as a Managed Service with 7+ years deployment history and 900+ active customers and the new highly agile, cloud-native, always-on, always at-scale, always-up-to-date, and always-learning AEM as a Cloud Service – technology principles, examples, customer success stories.

Nikolay Bakaltchev, Senior GTM Lead, Adobe 


A cloud-native future with AEM

Whether you are an AEM veteran or just beginning your AEM journey, you want to deliver exciting experiences instead of dealing with day-to-day operational concerns. With AEM as a Cloud Service, your teams can focus on innovating while we take care of the rest. Discover the key aspects about AEMs new cloud-native architecture to equip you with the foundation to prepare for a cloud-native future with AEM.


Alexander Saar, Senior Director AEM Cloud Engineering, Adobe

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