Lynne Garell


Letterforms and the camera: these have been Lynne’s fascinations since she was a child. When she was eight years old, she got her first camera, a Kodak Instamatic, and since she’s somewhat older than that now, she feels like she’s spent much of her life viewing the world in rectangular snippets.
At around 10 years old, Lynne’s interest in letterforms led her dad to visit the advertising office at the town’s newspaper, bringing home style sheets for around 20 typefaces. Lynne started copying the typefaces by hand and using the designs in her cards and calendars. She began studying calligraphy around the same time.
Lynne studied graphic design and journalism at the University of Kansas, then moved to San Francisco to work in a design studio. This short, low-paying stint led Lynne right into grad school at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where she studied graphic design and printing.
After working for Adobe Systems and running her own design business, Lynne took a little break from full-time creative work, but the break didn’t last long. In recent years, Lynne has been focusing on photography, studying creativity and learning anew how to see with fresh eyes. You can view her recent photographs at
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