Customer experience needs IT’s experience.

Stitching together massive data sets. Building custom integrations. Navigating compliance. All this and more is the reality of delivering a world-class customer experience and your business is relying on you. We can help.

Innovative customer experiences require an innovative tech stack.

How we help

Get it all with our demand-side platform.

Real-time customer profile.
A business with siloed data simply can't succeed in today's market. With Adobe Experience Platform, you can bring your data together into a single profile for each of your users then standardize to create real-time profiles that are ready for insights and action.

Get it all with our demand-side platform.

Establish a foundation of trust.
The way your business uses and manages data is the key to establishing trust with customers. Our products are built with privacy, security, and compliance by design, so you can help keep all your data secure, respect your customer’s data choices, and help you maintain readiness with your obligations under GDPR. Learn more about privacy at Adobe.

Get it all with our demand-side platform.

AI-driven insights for all.
To make the best customer experiences, you need to go from data to insight in milliseconds. Adobe Sensei, our AI and ML framework, makes this possible by automating mundane tasks and enabling proactive insights.

Get it all with our demand-side platform.

Use the right application for every experience.
New technologies and new possibilities are emerging every day. With our open and extensible platform, you can use any of our industry-leading applications or develop your own to connect data and creativity, content and commerce. So your business will always meet customer expectations with incredible experiences.

Explore IT Resources for Our Products

Customer experience is a complex puzzle involving many teams and technologies. We develop our products with the goal of reducing that complexity as much as possible. Below, discover resources for each product to help you do your job more easily.

Adobe Experience Platform was built from the ground up for enabling incredible customer experiences. This open and extensible platform stitches all your data together and relies on continuous intelligence to power a real-time customer profile that allows your company to deliver real-time experiences at scale.

Adobe Advertising Cloud


  • 管理广告合规性问题。
  • 避免隐私和安全问题。
  • 处理广告数据。
  • 托管和实施问题。

Adobe Analytics


  • 实施和设置跟踪 ID。 
  • 了解数据可用性和安全性。
  • 加载来自外部源的数据。
  • 使用其他应用程序中的数据。

Adobe Audience Manager


  • 部署数据管理平台。 
  • 管理个人身份信息。 
  • 处理海量数据。 
  • 跟踪绩效。

Adobe Experience Manager


  • 无外设与混合 CMS。
  • 与第三方工具集成。
  • 内容可用性。
  • 脚本信息。

Adobe Campaign


  • 托管营销活动管理软件。
  • 管理用户身份验证。
  • 与第三方集成。

Adobe Target


  • 实施个性化引擎。
  • 将数据用于个性化。
  • 开发单页应用。
  • 托管个性化内容。

Adobe Commerce Cloud

该平台基于开源生态系统,并从 B2C 扩展至 B2B,其中包括电子商务、订单管理和预测智能,可以创建任何可购买体验。

Marketo Engage

Marketo Engage 可以在每个接触点提供营销敏捷性,包括潜在客户管理、B2B 和基于客户营销。从考虑到转化等转变客户体验并支持客户参与。

Additional Information


访问 Adobe 信任中心,了解我们如何保持云服务的安全性和隐私性,同时详细了解我们在法规(如 GDPR)方面的准备情况。


加入在 Adobe I/O 中蓬勃发展的开发人员社区,并基于我们的产品和技术来集成、扩展或创建各种应用。


浏览我们外部应用和外接程序的库,以便充分利用 Adobe Experience Cloud。


“Creative, content-rich campaigns are an integral component of Monin’s future digital marketing plans. Thanks to Magento, Monin is committed to staying connected with its customers, and to better understanding what drives their interest.” 

Todd Cummings, CIO, Monin

Monin invested in Adobe and boosted sales by 400 percent.


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