Adobe® LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite 4 is a document and form platform that helps you capture and process information, deliver personalized communications, and protect and track sensitive information. Leverage and extend your enterprise investments in back-end systems by choosing the modules you need to improve operational efficiency and deliver intuitive user experiences.

Capture    |    Communicate    |    Protect


Generate more secure, personalized electronic and paper documents, improving client engagement and standards compliance while helping to reduce costs. LiveCycle ES4 streamlines user correspondence from creation to archival for system-generated, on-demand, or interactive communications.


Correspondence Management Solution

The Adobe Correspondence Management Solution centralizes the creation and delivery of human- and system-generated correspondence, ensuring timely and consistent communications that improve user satisfaction levels and reduce costs. Using an intuitive user interface, your front-line workers can easily create personalized and interactive communications that rely less on paper and increase user engagement.
Key capabilities
●   Generate high-impact, personalized communications in a timely way with a mix of custom-authored and preapproved content.
●    Produce communications such as statements, letters, or notices, and send them using each client's preferred communication channel, whether electronic or paper.
●    Reduce costs with timesaving business rules and workflows that increase speed and productivity.

●    Capture data and transfer it to core systems, streamlining processes and improving data accuracy.
●    Increase organizational compliance, consistency, visibility, and control with templates, preapproved content blocks, audit trails, and advanced archive searching.
LiveCycle Forms Standard and Forms Pro ES4
LiveCycle Forms Standard and Forms Pro ES4


LiveCycle Output

Adobe LiveCycle Output streamlines the generation of dynamic electronic and print documents for on-demand or batch requirements in enterprise environments. Included is Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES4, an intuitive graphic design tool that makes it easy to create and manage document templates without deep technical knowledge. Use LiveCycle Output to dynamically generate correspondence, confirmations, statements, shipping labels, and other personalized customer and business communications.
Key capabilities
●    Use a flexible framework for personalized document generation.
●    Streamline template development with LiveCycle Designer ES4.
●    Close the communication loop with interactive documents.
How much does Font Folio 11.1 cost?
How much does Font Folio 11.1 cost?
How much does Font Folio 11.1 cost?
How much does Font Folio 11.1 cost?
How do I order Font Folio 11.1?
I own a previous version of Font Folio. How much does it cost to upgrade to Font Folio 11.1?


LiveCycle PDF Generator

Adobe LiveCycle PDF Generator ES4 is a server-based solution that automates the creation, assembly, distribution, and archival of PDF documents. Convert a wide range of native and standard file formats to PDF. Support direct server-based PDF file printing, or convert PDF files to a wide variety of formats.
Key capabilities
●    Convert industry-standard file formats to optimized PDFs using a centralized solution.
●    Automate the assembly of customized document packages.
●    Help ensure compliant output for your organization's processes and regulations.
●    Support the automatic generation of PDF/A files with the highest level of conformance to the ISO archiving standard.

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What if I need further information on one of these questions or don't see my question listed here?
What if I need further information on one of these questions or don't see my question listed here?
Key capabilities
●    Allow users with Adobe Reader software to save data locally, add annotations, and apply digital signatures.
●    Integrate with web services for PDF forms and documents.
●    Author, update, and decode 2D barcoded forms.
●    Capture data and return to key applications via web services.