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We’ve implemented a number of customer-friendly programs intended to provide continued access to our products during the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

VIP renewals FAQ

For Creative Cloud and Document Cloud team and enterprise customers in our Value Incentive Plan (VIP), we’re extending the renewal grace period to 60 days.


What is the temporary change in policy for renewals to VIP agreements?

Adobe understands that given the current COVID-19 situation, customers might find themselves in difficult situations to assure business continuity.  Providing flexibility during this time will help ease the burden. We are providing an extension to the renewal window to give companies and institutions the time they need without affecting their users.


Is this extension applicable to all customers?

Yes, all of our VIP customers worldwide who are reaching their renewal window during this time and unable to process a renewal are eligible.


Do I need to contact Adobe to get the extension?

No, you don’t need to contact Adobe. We will automatically add the extension to all qualifying VIP agreements.


How can I tell if my grace period has been extended?

You’ll see an updated license expiration date in your Admin Console. A message in the top banner will say that your anniversary date has passed and your users will soon lose access. Your anniversary date won’t change, but the date your licenses expire will be updated from the standard 30 days past your anniversary date to the increased grace period of 60 days past your anniversary date. We’re providing an additional 30 days to everyone at this time.


How long will this offer be in effect?

Any VIP customer with an anniversary date from March 21, 2020, to May 31, 2020, is eligible for this offer.



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