Share your best work: How to showcase your team on Behance.

As a creative professional, you may already know and use Behance, the leading online platform, to showcase your portfolio across industries. Behance Teams are a great way to showcase the work of your entire workgroup in one place, reaching companies and organizations who are looking for creative services and attracting new talent to your team — on a global scale. Anyone in a team can add work they created to the team page so you can broadcast the work of your group to the world.

As with individuals, Behance for teams (up to 100 Members) is included with your Creative Cloud membership. Each member can upload as many projects and images or media as they want. Followers of your team can stay up to date on the latest creative projects from your team without having to follow each individual member.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the creation of a Behance team and show you how to add projects and members to your team. Before following the steps in this guide, log into with your Creative Cloud account and add at least one project to your profile.

Creating a Behance team.

You can create a team page for your company, your department, or a group of colleagues who have Behance accounts. One person creates the team and then invites others to join.

Search for your team on Behance.

1. Search for your team on Behance.

Log into Behance and click on the Teams button. Type your company or team name in the search box to see if it has already been created. If your team doesn’t exist, click on the Create it now link to create your Behance team.

2. Enter basic information about your team.

Begin by entering the basic information about your team, giving it a unique name, a Behance team URL, and specifying your geographic location and team’s website URL. When you’re done, click on the Next button.

Enter basic information about your team.
Include a description, social media links, and more.

3. Include a description, social media links, and more.

You can add more information about your team, including a description, social media, and other websites where you have more content from your team members. Be sure to complete all the fields so those looking for a team like yours can find out more about you.

Add projects to your team.

Individual portfolios on Behance are composed of projects, which are groups of images, videos, and other digital content with a particular theme or process.

Add projects during team setup.

4. Add projects during team setup.

During the team setup process, you’ll be prompted to add your projects to your team page. Simply click on the projects you’d like to add, and when you’re done, click the Next button.

5. Add projects after team setup.

You and fellow team members can add additional projects to your team page after setup in two ways: 

From the Team page.

You can add your projects from the team page itself using the Projects drop down, then checking Add to Team page next to projects you want to add. When you’re done, click Save.

Add projects after team setup.
From the Project page.

From the Project page.

You can add a project to a team from the project editor. Open the project, click 3. Settings in the top left, then click Discoverability, and click Add next to teams to choose the team. Anyone on Behance can add a project to the team, but an admin will have to confirm that the project was created for their team before it will appear on the team page. Click Save when you’re done.

Learn more about adding projects to a Behance team ›

Add team members.

You can add up to 100 members to your team. Teams are intended for use by people who design and work together (whether at a company, a design firm, an educational institution, etc.), so that they can showcase their collective work.

Invite team members during team setup.

6. Invite team members during team setup.

To invite someone to join your team, enter their name or the email they used to sign up for Behance. You can invite them to be a member, who can add projects to the team, or as an Admin who can add projects or team members, edit team info, and manage requests. Invite up to 100 members to join your team during setup.

7. Invite members after team setup.

Admin team members can add additional members to your team any time after setup. Use the Members drop down, then enter the name or email of the person or people you want to invite. When you’re done, click Invite.

You can change a member’s role or remove them from the team by hovering over their profile photo on the team members page and clicking the pencil.

Invite members after team setup.
Members accept the invitation.

8. Members accept the invitation.

When you invite a Behance member to join your team, they will receive a notification via email, in Behance, or from the Creative Cloud desktop app asking if they’d like to join your team.

Approving members who ask to join your team.

Set up your team to allow requests from new members.

9. Set up your team to allow requests from new members.

You can choose whether to accept requests from Behance members who want to join your team. On the team basic information page, uncheck the box marked Make Team invite-only so users can request to join the team.

If you do not want Behance members to be able to request to become a member of your team, leave this box checked. The team will be marked as “Private” in searches, but people will still be able to view your team members and projects, just not request to join your team.

10. Request to join a team using Behance search.

There are two ways to request to join a team. Behance members can use the search feature (magnifying glass in the menu bar) to search Behance for your team name and then go to your team page. Users can filter to search for teams, then select which fields and a geographic location to help locate the correct team. On the team page, they can see information about your team and in the lower left corner, and they can click the Request Verification link to send a request to the team admin to let them join the team.

Request to join a team using Behance search.
Request to join a team from a profile page.

11. Request to join a team from a profile page.

Behance members can also ask to join through the Teams tab on their Profile page. Go to your profile page and then click on the pencil icon that appears when you hover over the Teams tab. Search for the team you want to join, click the name, and click on the Send Request button.


12. Approve requests from new team members.

Behance will send notification of new requests to the team admin via email, in Behance, or from the Creative Cloud desktop app. To approve a new member, the admin should click the Accept or Add to Team button.

Approve requests from new team members.

Add co-owners, teams, and credits to projects.

Now that you have a team and members, you and your team members can create projects on your profiles and then add them to the team to fill it up with your group’s work. To link your team members and your team’s work together, members can add coworkers as “co-owners” or give them credit on projects they worked on together.

Add co-owners to the project.

13. Add co-owners to the project.

Once you’ve set up a project, you can add co-owners to the project in the Basic Info tab of the Project Settings page. Co-owners have full control of the project, including the ability to add or remove content from the project, unpublish it, or delete it. The project will show up in the portfolios of all of the co-owners.

To add co-owners, click on the Add link in the Co-Owners section and add the names of the people who worked on the project with you.

You can add multiple co-owners and click Done to save and they will each receive an invitation to co-own your project.

14. Add your team to the project.

In order for your project to appear on your team page, you need to add it to the list of teams that worked on the Project. Go to the Project Settings and click the Discoverability tab. Click on the Add link next to Team and then add the name of your team.

Add your team to the project.
Add credits to the project.

15. Add credits to the project.

Credits display in the project info, but the projects are not added to the profile of the people credited. To add a credit to a project, go to the Project Settings and click the Discoverability tab. Click on the Add link next to credits and then add the names of the people you want to acknowledge. If they aren’t on Behance, you can invite them via email. Click Done to save.

Those you acknowledge will receive an invitation to have a credit on your project.


And there you have it. Your work group is now connected and featured in your online Behance team portfolio. And you and your team can continue to share your work with the global community of creative professionals through Behance.

Adobe Behance for Teams

Learn more.

Learn more about Behance teams in the Behance Help Center.

The Behance community is continually growing, connecting creative professionals with each other and with a global community of organizations looking to hire them for creative work. Behance teams allow multiple people from the same company to share their work under the banner of a common team. It’s a way to showcase the talent and work behind your brand in one spot.

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