What color is burnt sienna?

Learn more about this shade that is popular with painters and designers alike.

Burnt sienna has been beloved by artists for generations. You will find it in thousands of paintings, and it is especially popular with watercolor and oil painters. However, burnt sienna isn’t confined to an artist’s paintbrush. It’s a beautiful shade that you can use in your design work for a warm, earthy tone. Keep reading to learn more about the meaning behind this color.

What does “burnt sienna” mean?

Burnt sienna is a hue that is named after the process used to create the original pigment. When artists wanted to produce this warm, orange-leaning hue, they would heat up raw sienna, a type of yellowish-brown clay, until it burned into the deep orange now called “burnt sienna.” It’s a shade that can evoke feelings of both comfort and optimism, thanks to its closeness to browns and oranges.

The hex code for burnt sienna is #E97451 and its RGB values are R:233, G:116, B:81.

Burnt sienna color variations and pairings.

Burnt sienna pairs beautifully with other warm colors like oranges and yellows, but it can also be paired with cooler shades like greens and blues for a nature-like aesthetic. You can even set it against lighter colors like corals and whites to give the burnt sienna a more delicate, elegant feel.

If you’re looking for alternative shades, you might try these hues:

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