What color is champagne?

Learn more about this subtle yet dynamic color, plus fun color combinations to inspire your next project.

A color as sophisticated as its namesake, champagne is a pale blend of yellow and orange with warm, comforting undertones. Becauseevery color has meaning, artists and designers can use them to convey ideas or tell stories. Let’s dive into what champagne symbolizes and how you can integrate it into your designs.

The meaning of champagne color.

Since the color gets its name from the bubbly drink, champagne often evokes a feeling of fun and friendliness — think chic weddings and glitzy New Year’s Eve parties. Because champagne is a borderline neutral shade, it also symbolizes understated luxury, elegance, and sophistication.

Hue variations of champagne.

Although it has warmer undertones, champagne is very similar to beige (#F5F5DC). So, if you’re aiming for an analogous color in your design, beige is your best option. Ecru (#C2B280), another version of beige, and cream (#FFFDD0), a pastel yellow, also look quite similar in appearance to champagne.

Colors that pair well with champagne.

Thanks to its delicate and low-key nature, champagne mixes well with many colors on the color wheel. Natural metallics — like copper and bronze — shine bright when paired with champagne, while ivories, whites, and chocolates can create a softer, almost vintage effect.

Since champagne offers an elevated feel, it’s often a common color choice for weddings. Elegant and feminine weddings may showcase soft pinks and golds alongside champagne, while darker shades of blue and champagne can create a lively duo for a sophisticated evening affair.

Yet as fun as this color may be, champagne isn’t just for parties — discover even more ways you can create visual harmony in your own designs. Make everything from logos and icons to illustrations and poster art with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.