Colors that go well with maroon.

Restaurants like maroon because it is thought to increase appetite and boost adrenaline. This article explores how to combine maroon with other colors to create other special effects.

Maroon is often mistaken for its cousin burgundy, but there’s an essential difference between them. While they both start with red, maroon includes brown while burgundy has purple. This is a vital difference when combining colors since maroon casts a more earthy feeling than its brighter cousin. These subtle differences can alter the message you want to send with your own designs.

How to use maroon with other colors.

Every color conveys a unique feeling, and maroon is no exception. It works well as an accent color to imply wealth and social status. Kings of old adopted it to convey their majesty. Here are some ideas for combining maroon with other colors:

Maroon conveys a sense of passion and warmth. It’s popular for school emblems and is considered a sensible color. It portrays seriousness but with more luxurious sophistication than a simple red. Pair it with other colors to add depth to your message. Discover more graphic design ideas that can help you take your designs to the next level.

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