Colors that go well with olive green.

For a color that has long been considered too “military” to be used in other ways, olive green has come into its own. Learn how to pair it with colorful friends.

Olive green can look close to light brown and sits on a color wheel somewhere between green and yellow. It’s warm and inviting and indicates a willingness to break with convention when you use it for more than just camouflage. Often found in nature, olive green triggers feelings of peace and calm. Bring a warmth to your designs with this special green tone.

How to use olive green with other colors.

Each color has a unique voice and can bring out or amplify the intended message of the subject in an image or art piece. Building on the influence of each color individually, how you use them in combination with different hues provides a choir of colors with an infinite number of voices. Some ideas for combining olive green with other colors include:

One of the less flattering names for olive green is olive drab. It was used by militaries worldwide for many years and in some places, is still the official uniform color. Because of its history, use olive greens to add a fun, military touch to any decidedly un-military design and create a paradoxical feeling.

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