Dial up your designs with hot pink.

Learn how to use hot pink and other colors to express energy, vibrance, and more in your design concepts.

Some colors offer a sense of peace while others can’t help but pack a punch — like hot pink. This vibrant comes to life thanks to blue and violet undertones, and can be seen everywhere from branding concepts to the punk music scene. Because every color has meaning, let’s dive into what hot pink symbolizes and how you can integrate it into your designs.

The meaning of hot pink.

Hot pink often evokes strong emotions. It can be youthful, energetic, urgent, and powerful — a color that commands attention. While the significance of pink has shifted over the years, hot pink has been recently used as a color of protest.

Hue variations of hot pink.

If you’re looking for some similar colors for your designs, consider pink (#FFC0CB) as well as hot pink’s source colors, violet (#8F00FF) and blue (#0000FF).

Colors that pair well.

No matter how you use it, hot pink is a bold choice. You don’t need a lot of hot pink to make an impact, so try easing in with accent elements while you’re getting used to its impact on your palette. Discover more ways you can create color balance in your graphic design concepts for satisfying visual effects.

Go for bold and integrate hot pink into your own designs. Make everything from logos and icons to illustrations and poster art with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.