Embrace the electric with the tangerine.

Discover basic information about the tangerine color, plus what its color psychology means and some palette suggestions that pair well with this shade.

Every color you use in design has a unique and distinct meaning. That means, according to color psychology, the colors we choose can impact our message, strengthen our point, or even take away from what we’re trying to convey.

This idea is important in all aspects of life, but especially when it comes to design and creativity. So, how can you choose the perfect palettes for your designs? Understanding what colors mean and how to pair them — let’s start with tangerine.

What does a tangerine color mean?

TANGERINE, with its HEX Code of #f28500 and an RGB value of R: 94.9, G: 52.2, B:0, is tangy, bold, and often used to amplify energetic and exciting messages.

Like other orange hues, the color tangerine is usually associated with things like youth, happiness, and warmth. For some, the color evokes images of a sunset, for others, a bright selection of delicious fruits. No matter what images someone conjures up, the color is perceived as cheery, lively, and bright.

Are you after a look that’s like tangerine but not quite so bold? Consider related hues like:

Complementary colors that go with tangerine.

Tangerine is a bold color, so if you’re looking to balance it out, opt for grays and creams to give it a more understated look. The tangerine color also pairs well with blues, purples, and yellows. For example, think about how warm and inviting a bowl of fresh tangerines looks sitting on a welcoming blue tablecloth.

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