Emphasize elegance with rose gold.

Spice up a background, tone down a theme, brighten a mood, or calm a soul by learning to speak the language of color. This article details how to use rose gold.

A pale shade of pink, rose gold is a soft and golden-tinged hue. It presents a metallic look and is used in everything from jewelry to cell phones. Rose gold communicates luxury, and like its cousin gold, is a marker of wealth. As a result, it’s often associated with style, elegance, and affluence.

How to use rose gold.

Every hue has a color meaning that describes the feelings and emotions commonly associated with it. Understanding color psychology helps guide the use of color in your art projects. For example, use rose gold’s air of luxury to be romantic, refined, and composed.

Each color also has a color hex code. A hex code is a hexadecimal way to represent a color in RGB format by combining three red, green, and blue values in a particular shade of color. For example, rose gold’s hex code is #b76e79, and its RGB values are R:183, G:110, B:121.

Hue variations of rose gold with their hex codes include:

Colors that pair well with rose gold.

For a subtle, soft and feminine look, match rose gold with white, cream, or lilac. But, to make it stand out, pair rose gold with pale gray or smokey blue.

Put science and psychology to work when choosing your color scheme. There’s more to it than just what pleases the eye. Enrich and amplify your message by speaking to your audience in the language of color. Use rose gold to speak of wealth and refinement.

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