Energize and renew with kelly green.

Inspire confidence, create trust, calm a heart, or present an emotion by learning to speak the language of color. Discover more about how to use kelly green.

The kelly green color is reminiscent of the lush Irish landscape, and in fact, it gets its name from the common Irish name — Kelly. Like other greens, it evokes a sense of growth and a healthy natural environment. You can use it to signify renewal, nature, and energy. However, kelly green can also be symbolic of money, and therefore ambition, and greed.

How to use kelly green color.

Every hue has a color meaning that can conjure emotions. Understanding color psychology helps guide the use of color in your art projects. Like a new plant, use the energy of kelly green to communicate vibrant growth.

Each color also has a color hex code. A hex code is a hexadecimal way to represent a color in RGB format by combining three red, green, and blue values in a particular shade of color.

KELLY GREEN’S color code is HEX #4CBB17 and its RGB values are R: 29.8, G: 73.3, B: 9. Hue variations of kelly green include:

Colors that pair well with a kelly green.

It can enliven other shades of green, but kelly green can be overbearing in large doses, so use it sparingly. For example, nature scenes dominated by forest green can appear more energetic with a splash of kelly green color.

Science and psychology can help when choosing a color scheme. Enrich and amplify your message by speaking to your audience in the language of color. To add some punch to your projects, count on kelly green to do the job.

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