Mint green pastel: The freshest shade of green.

Learn more about this refreshing shade and how it can spruce up your next design.

Just hearing the words “mint green” can evoke the smells and tastes of summer, from ice cream to mint juleps. This light, fresh hue can take on many different meanings in design and is a great shade to incorporate in everything from logos to websites.

What does the color “mint green pastel” mean?

Mint green is part of the pastel color family, a group of colors named after their powdered pigment form that produces light, soft colors. Its meaning is often associated with freshness or lightness thanks to its association with nature. It can be used by home decorators to evoke the feeling of freshness in a room, or by graphic designers to create light, airy designs.

The mint green pastel hex code is #3EB489, and its RGB values are R: 62, G: 180, B: 137.

Mint green pastel color pairings and variations.

Like other pastel colors mint green pairs well with a wide variety of light colors like lilac and pastel blue. You can add a pop of extra freshness by pairing it with white or create a soft, subdued palette by pairing it with neutrals like grey. If mint green pastel isn’t working for you, try these similar hues:

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