Make a fiery statement with burnt orange.

Learn some of the basics of the color burnt orange, while also discovering the color psychology behind it.

All colors have unique meanings and how you use, combine, and incorporate them into your designs can have an impact on your work is perceived. You can strengthen your message, inspire your audience, or detract from the meaning of your design just by choosing a color.

If you’ve ever wondered what specific colors mean and how to use them effectively with other colors, you’re in the right place — keep reading to learn some basics about burnt orange.

What does the burnt orange color mean?

BURNT ORANGE, with a HEX code of #cc5500 and an RGB value of R: 80, G: 33.3, B:0, is a dusky, smoldering color that’s said to convey both positive and negative emotions — from warmth and comfort to pride and aggression.

For some, burnt orange can evoke images of flames while others envision changing leaves during the fall season. The precise meaning of burnt orange isn’t exact, but we do know that it can be both pleasant and polarizing. If you’re seeking something a little less divisive but with the same echoes, here are a few related hues:

Colors that go well with burnt orange.

Burnt orange can be a great accent color choice when associated with colors like dark blue or gray, especially if you’re hoping to create images of the desert in the winter. Burnt orange and blue, of course, is the famous color combination of the Denver Broncos. For something a little bolder and brighter, mint green and peach can be excellent choices, too.

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