Go bright and beautiful with red orange.

Discover the basics about red orange, what color psychology says it means, and glean some color palette suggestions that pair well with this shade.

According to color psychology, every shade on the color wheel has a distinct meaning. While this is important in all aspects of life, it’s especially important when it comes to creative design. Why? Because the colors you choose have a direct impact on your message and can influence how your audience perceives your design. So, what does red orange mean? Read on to find out.

What does red orange mean?

RED ORANGE (also known as orange red), with its HEX code #ff5349 and RGB value of R: 100, G:32.5, B: 28.6, speaks the language of bright, bold excitement.

If you’re looking to add a playful, energetic color to your design, red orange is probably a perfect choice as it’s associated with physical energy, health, and vitality. Need something that speaks a little differently? Some hue variations of red orange include:

Complementary colors that pair well with red orange.

As a bright and bold color, it might feel challenging to combine the red orange color, but it’s actually a pretty seamless choice. For something engaging and eye-catching, combine red orange with blue and green.

If you want to design something a little funkier, pink is a great way to complement bright orange — think 1960’s “flower power” pop art in fashion and home decor.

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