Go natural with a cream color in your designs.

Learn more about this soft shade of yellow, and how to best combine it with other colors.

Halfway between the color of natural white milk and rich yellow butter, cream is a version of pastel yellow named after the dairy product produced by grazing cows. As an artist, you can use this color and others to convey meaning in your design concepts. Let’s learn more about the color cream and how to use it to enhance your message.

The meaning of the color cream.

Cream, like all pastels, has a high value and low saturation. It’s made from mixing a small amount of yellow with white. The white dulls down the brightness of yellow, which naturally evokes a sense of calm and creates a soothing effect. This versatile color can also symbolize humility, sophistication, and elegance, as well as reliability and durability.

Discover similar colors.

In terms of neutrality, beige (#F5F5DC) is a similar color to cream, while lemon chiffon (#FFFCD1), pale golden rod (#FFFBA2), and papaya whip (##FFF3D1) embody similar warm, yellowish hues.

Colors that pair with cream.

Cream is a very versatile color whose significance takes on different meanings when combined with different colors. For example, if you want to evoke a sense of femininity, try pairing cream with light coral or misty rose. To create contrast, experiment with complementary colors such as lavender or light steel blue.

To explore a broad spectrum of color combinations such as rich reds, dark purples, and vibrant greens, look to anime — an art form that commonly uses variations of cream skin tones paired alongside bold colors for an eye-catching effect. Discover even more inspiration for your graphic design concepts.

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