The green yellow color guide.

Learn more about this perfect 50/50 split between yellow and green.

Whether you call it green yellow or yellow green, this shade is a perfect 50/50 split between these two colors. It’s a bright and vibrant shade but you must use it in moderation, or it can go from a pleasant, cheerful hue to an unsettling one. Learn more about the meanings behind this color and how you can use it in your design projects by reading on.

What does the color “green yellow” mean?

This shade is also known as “chartreuse,” appropriately named for its resemblance to the French liqueur. Because it is a perfectly balanced blend of green and yellow, it evokes all the meanings of joy, happiness, and freshness typically associated with both of those colors. However, these meanings can quickly shift if you use too much of this shade or stare at it for too long — in large quantities, it can also be associated with uneasiness.

The green yellow hex code is #9ACD32, and its RGB values are R: 154, G: 205, B: 50.

Green yellow color pairings and variations.

Thanks to its even mixture of yellow and green, this color can readily be paired with other bright yellows or bright greens to create a fresh, cheerful design. If you want to tone it down and make your design look more natural, you can pair it with neutrals like taupe or brown.

If you’re looking for an alternative shade, check out these similar hues:

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