Introduce radiance with the color amber.

Learn how to integrate amber with other colors into your designs, photos, and illustrations.

Located halfway between yellow and orange on the color wheel, amber is a bright and warm color. Artists and designers everywhere use color to evoke meaning, with amber often injecting a sense of not only warmth but well-being and even radiance. Let’s dive into how you can use this color and others effectively in your next illustration or design concept.

The meaning of amber.

Amber represents happiness, vitality, confidence, and sometimes even safety (think traffic lights). As the primary color in a design, amber is open and welcoming. When you use it as an accent color, it feels upbeat, helpful, and supportive.

Hue variations.

With a composition midway between yellow (#FFFF00) and orange (#FFA500), amber is naturally allied to both of those colors. In addition, its color is similar to tangerine (#F28500) and freesia (#F6C324).

Colors that pair well with amber.

Here are some color combinations to try on your next project:

Perhaps the Eighties rock band 311 said it best: “amber is the color of your energy.” Use this warm color to bring radiance and warmth to your projects. Discover even more ways to pep up your designs.

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