Off white is on.

There’s nothing “off” about the off white color. Learn how off white can inspire your next design.

Off white refers to any shade of white that differs from “pure” white — it ranges from eggshell to vanilla. So is off white really a color? You can think of it more as a family of colors that give you flexibility in your designs. Learn more about what types of whites are considered off white, and how to use them in your creative projects.

What is off white?

Since off white refers to a family of whites, there’s no single, specific off white hex code. The color family includes ivory (#FFFFF0), whitesmoke (#F5F5F5), and snow (#FFFAFA), among many others. In RGB, hex #F5F5F5 has RGB values of R: 245, G: 245, and B: 245.

Off white palettes that are off the charts

Off white, as a neutral group of colors, goes well with most hues. However, avoid pairing it with pure white, which, by comparison, can look dirty.

When you're thinking about pairing your off white selection, look for the undertones coming through and choose colors that complement that undertone. For example, a smoky white and navy work well together for a nautical feel, while pairing the more yellowed ivory with maroon creates a warm and romantic effect. A dustier cream pairs particularly well with pastels.

Turn on your off white.

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