Project elegance with sophisticated blue grey.

Discover how to use blue grey. Amp up a message, tone down an image, or inspire a feeling by learning to speak the language of color.

In large quantities, blue grey can project a sense of dreariness — like a stormy sea. But it inherits professionalism from its blue parent and a sense of sophistication and elegance from the gray side of the family. If used in the right measures, this versatile color can class up your creation.

How to use blue grey.

Every hue has a color meaning that can evoke a range of emotions. Understanding color psychology helps guide the use of color in your art projects. For example, use the muted neutral tone of blue grey to help sharper colors stand out while adding some sophistication.

Each color also has a color hex code. A hex code is a hexadecimal way to represent a color in RGB format by combining three red, green, and blue values in a particular shade of color. The hex code for blue grey is #6699CC, and its RGB values are R: 40, G: 60, B: 80.

Hue variations of blue grey include:

Colors that pair well with blue grey.

Because it acts as a neutral when paired with brighter colors, blue grey is quite trendy. It adds a little elegance to the scene, particularly when it’s matched with black and white. But if you’re going for a more subdued or even ominous effect, pair blue grey with more gray.

Put science and psychology to work when choosing a color scheme. There’s more to it than just what pleases the eye. Enrich and amplify your message by speaking to your audience in the language of color. Count on blue gray to add a rich sophistication to all your creations.

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