Relax with tranquil celadon.

Discover the many uses of celadon green. Speak the language of color to spice up an idea, tone down energy, brighten a point of view, or calm a troubled soul.

A mix of pale blue and green, celadon green gets its name from a type of ceramic from China. It evokes feelings of growth and renewal — but also projects a sense of tranquility and serenity. It can be used as an anchor to bring neutrals and blushes to life.

How to use celadon green.

Use the composure of celadon to emphasize a message of peace and quiet. Every hue has a color meaning that describes the feelings and emotions it inspires. Understanding color psychology can help guide the use of color in your art projects.

Each color also has a color hex code. A hex code is a hexadecimal way to represent a color in RGB format by combining three red, green, and blue values in a particular shade of color.

CELADON’S color code is HEX #ACE1AF and its RGB values are R: 67.5, G: 88.2, B: 68.6. Some of its hue variations include:

Colors that pair well with celadon.

If you want to make shades of pink or blush stand out, pair them with celadon. To create a feeling of calm composure, match celadon with other greens and blues. For example, you can emphasize the elegance of delicate ceramics by decorating them with celadon and blue.

Put science and psychology to work when choosing a color scheme. There’s more to it than just what pleases the eye. Enrich and amplify your message by speaking to your audience in the language of color. Count on celadon to add tranquility to all your creations.

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