Rose red color — much more than a flower.

Learn how to use rose red and other colors to express love, romance, femininity, and more in your design concepts.

Rose red is the popular flower, of course — but it’s also a versatile design color that’s present in many logos, illustrations, and design concepts. Since every color has meaning, artists or designers may use rose red when they want to evoke a sense of love or otherwise create affectionate connections. Let’s explore more about this color and how to use it effectively in your designs.

The meaning of rose red.

While it may appear pinkish, rose red is actually closer to a true red than pink. Because of this, the shade takes on the symbolism typically associated with other reds, such as love, passion, romance, affection, longing, and intensity. Think of romantic sunsets, Valentine’s Day cards, a bouquet of roses — and rose red is never too far away.

Explore similar colors.

Crimson (#D40032), cinnabar (#E34234), burgundy (#800020), and fire brick (#A60027) incorporate the same red base as rose red but are slightly richer and darker. If you want to slide toward the pinker end of the spectrum, try light coral (#FF5F84) or rose quartz (#F7CAC9).

Colors to pair with rose red.

The colors that best combine with rose red are the ones you’ll find in the same color family — think rose quartz, dusty rose, and puce. This combination can evoke a sense of femininity or even tranquility in nature, like trees blooming in spring.

If you want to create contrast, try mixing a deeper shade of rose red with midnight blue, dark blue, and rose quartz. This pairing elevates rose red to a color palette of sophistication and distinction — perfect for a luxury brand or elegant wedding. Discover even more ways you can put the color wheel to work in your graphic design concepts.

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