The sage green color guide.

Learn more about this earthy, natural tone and how you can use it in your next project.

Sage green is a gorgeous, earthy hue that may evoke feelings of wandering across a desert somewhere way out west. That high-plains drifter of a plant also lends its name to the popular herb, which gives you a hint about another meaning that this hue is associated with. Keep reading to learn more about this shade and how you can use it in your next design project.

What does the color “sage green” mean?

The association of sage with the herb and its woody green parent can’t help but evoke feelings of the natural world, which in turn is associated with peace and harmony. In addition, a secondary meaning of the word “sage” describes someone with deep wisdom. As such, the color sage green is often used to connote wisdom and knowledge.

The sage green hex code is #B2AC88, and its RGB values are R: 178, G: 172, B: 136.

Sage green color variations and pairings.

Thanks to its warm undertones, sage green pairs beautifully with colors like purples, gold, and taupe. It can also be paired with oranges and burnt sienna if you’re looking to create an autumnal mood. However, if you’re looking for a different shade that’s similar to sage green, check out these colors:

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