The seafoam green color guide.

Learn about the meaning and uses of this soft, blue-green shade.

Seafoam green has been a popular design and decor color since the early 1700s. Very similar to the color “mint,” seafoam green is an incredibly versatile pastel. It can have various meanings in design, depending on how it’s used and paired with other colors.

What does the color “seafoam green” mean?

Seafoam green sits nearly halfway between green and blue, with hints of grey. It leans slightly more towards green, which means it can evoke feelings of nature and “freshness.” Because it falls into the green category, however, it can also suggest “jealousy” or “envy.” And of course, as the name suggests, it is the color of “sea foam” and thus also associated with the ocean.

The seafoam green hex code is #93E9BE, and its RGB values are R: 147, G: 233, B: 190.

Seafoam green color pairings and variations.

Seafoam green pairs well with various colors, thanks to its mixture of blue, green, and grey. It can be contrasted against neutral colors like taupe or given an extra dose of “freshness” when paired with whites or pinks. It also pairs very well with alternate shades of green.

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